Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Another UAW PR Coup

In another brilliant PR strategy, the UAW kicks Marines w/foriegn nameplate cars and (gasp) Bush-Cheney bumper stickers out of their parking lot. See here:

Yippee-yahoo! Another blow against THE MAN that is keeping us down! Damn rich Marines and their yachts and mansions and private jets (really cool jets, though)! They're sticking it to the working man, again
(Disclaimer: Please duly note heavy sarcasm, just in case you're an asshat and couldn't tell).

Survey by Detroit CyberSurvey results say:

91.01% of people who took the survey think that sucks (duh).

8.99% of people who took the survey are rectal nuggets who wear tinfoil hats.

(That equals 100%)!!

Maybe the UAW can run over a basket of puppies with a steam-roller in the same parking lot for an encore. We'll get to 99.5% to 0.5% yet!! (The 0.5 percent will still be nuggets).

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