Wednesday, March 30, 2005

For Your Edification

This is actually an interesting site.
And the asshat moniker must be explained as well.

Unfortunately, they do not give good examples in a sentence.

Allow me.

"I have guns to protect women, children, disabled people, people with feeding tubes, puppies, kittens, and cute little bunnies from commies, libs, dictators, murderers and felons. My guns have never killed anyone, and never will (except the deserving)."

"And you to take them away from me?"

"You're an asshat."

Or, try this one for fun:

"Only an asshat would raise my taxes to give it to abortionsists and people that don't want to work.

Or, how about this one:

You voted for Ted Kennedy. What an asshat you are!

I also kind of like this one:

"I have dual .45 (and .40) caliber S+W and Glock and Colt pistols at hand, and my wife can shoot out a worm's eye at 175 yards with a 1.25 inch barrel .38 Special, and my daughter has her own stainless-steel, 4-inch heavy barrel (w/adjustable sights) .357 Magnum (her 12th birthday present), and you break into my house?

I reckon that makes you a dead asshat.

And a little fancier:

Michael Shiavo exhibits asshattic behavior.

And my favorite:

The Democratic Party's embrace of M. Moore, Soros, Bab's and Jimmy Carter, et al, is a clear indication of the asshattification of the party's base. Real Democrats (like the ones I know) think those people suck (i.e. Moore and Co. are asshats).

That is your English lesson for the day!

Try out your expanded vocabulary on the next butt-nugget you see!!
If they complain, tell them they are intolerant and should get some diversity training. This freaks liberals out.
If they still complain, they may need bitch-slapped (don't worry, liberals don't have guns... or so they say...)
And fear not, the 11th Circuit court, the 9th Circus court, and the Supremes have decided that death is in (remember All That Jazz?), and bitch-slapping is a protected form of speech.


Libby said...

Maybe your a asshat.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

No way! You're an asshat!
(Please note correct spellings.)
And for the next post,

You are, too!

MooreFan said...

If your a republicin
your an asshat!

Serenity Now said...

Could you please do a few more asshat sentence examples?

I need them for my English class.