Sunday, March 27, 2005

Welcome to The Conservative UAW Guy Blog

Wow! My very own blog.

No idea if this will fly.

But conservative union members need a voice.

I am a fairly (very? massively? somewhat?) conservative UAW worker. This is not a typo, or an oxymoron.

I am:

Heterosexual (i.e. not gay)



Pro-Marriage (I’m EXTREMELY married, and happily :) ).
Pro-Animals (they’re so tasty!!)
Pro-Rush Limbaugh
Pro-Sean Hannity
Pro-Gun (Who isn’t? Oh yeah, hippies and lefties.).
Pro-Freedom (i.e. Pro-gun, I love guns… they’re so cool!!!).
Pro-Republican (mostly).
Pro-Ann Coulter
Pro-Law enforcement (usually-as long as they're pro-freedom and pro-gun for citizens).
Pro-FrankJ (although I can’t worship him due to the Christianity thing and all).
Pro-Preemptive Striking
Pro-Gun (I really like guns).
Pro-Beer/wine/fine liquor
Pro-parenthesis (ya-think?)
Pro-Freedom (i.e. Pro-gun)
Anti-Dirty Hippy (with regards to FrankJ at IMAO)
Anti Ted Rall effing big-time
Anti-Socialist (with apologies to the UAW)
Anti-pro gun control (I like guns, did I mention that?).
Anti-tree-hugger (trees suck, my grandfather was killed by a tree).
Anti-ninja/monkey/squirrel (thanks frankj for two out of three).

Lame at HTML

I am pissed off (sorry for the cuss words) about liberals, liberalism, and dirty-commie-socialist hippies.


hitler's nephew said...

I too am a conservative Christian UAW member. What a world... to have to abide with the non stop liberal socialist diatribe of the idiots at work who don't even understand the rhetoric they regurgitate. Sorry about the run on sentence...they must be rubbing off on me.

Wyatt Earp said...

Yeh, but where do you stand on guns?

Mama said...

No problemo with your attitude toward guns and groundhogs (altho' the little fellas are kinda cute), but LAY OFF THE TREES!!!

Trees are our friends and you don't know the joy of hugging one because you have never tried it, you bloomin' conservative!

I happen to know 1)your grandfather was not killed by a tree (or a tree-hugger) and 2)yo' mama didn't raise you to be so reactionary. I bet she's wondering at this very moment, "Where did I go wrong? How did my boy fail to become a social worker? We gave him every opportunity!"

the conservative uaw guy said...

What?!! Reactionary??!!!
Why I ought to...
Is my mommy a commie?

Mark said...

Glad to know you are on the team. Keep up the good blogging!

Anonymous said...

Here we go a voice of reason hmm a fresh idea from those that are trapped in the socialist entrapments of Union Labor.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have...


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Thanks much for the tip of the hat.
CUG will keep striving for excellence (or better).

Anonymous - If you only knew the issues I have!!!!