Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What the hell..!!! (or T. Shiavo II)

It's been 12 days.
This is sick.
Michael should do the humane thing now and put a bullet in her head.
Same end result, much quicker.

Alternate endings:
A long car ride on a short pier with Ted Kennedy.

Cover with gravy and set in front of Michael Moore.

Put Vince Foster mask on her and wheel her over to Bill and Hillary.

Put a Bush-Cheney sign in her hand and drop off at pretty much any major university.

Roll her up in a big Zig-Zag rolling-paper (maybe a Job 1.5) and set in front of hippies.

Sorry, but this is BS.

Please frag anyone that tries to remove my feeding tube
(Christopher Reeves couldn't feed himself either, ya know).

Pray for all involved (even the asshats).

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