Sunday, April 10, 2005

Back By Popular Demand!!! More English!

Yes folks, that's right. It is time for more examples of how to use the word asshat in a sentence!
This is indeed back by popular demand (one person asked for more!).

This one is in reference to Conservative bloggers that are techno-tards (like me, the CUG). (See Technical Difficulties post).
Here goes:

"If you are a total moron with HTML, and you hose code and then think it's the website's problem, when it's really your lame-butt code and junky Internet Explorer that is the problem, then you are an asshat!"
Thanks kids! That's all for today.
Look here often for more educational examples.

Because CUG Cares!
(CUG Cares, along with CUGs not Drugs, are copyrighted phrases. Any infringement may be in violation of state and/or federal laws, which could result in fines, imprisonment, or both. Or you may just get bitch-slapped!)


VR said...

Thank God you're back. The world was a cold, dark, and humorless place when I couldn't get my daily dose of CUG.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I am touched vr.
I will try to keep a daily dose of edification and finely honed humor coming your way!!

Anonymous said...

MMMmmm.. Cow ! @! oh wait that is what i had for dinner friday night.. CUG Rock on man. HTML is not something you just pick up and do with out making a few mistakes along the way.

Anonymous said...

CUGs not drugs?
Now I've heard it all!

the beefy one said...

fruedz wet dream is truly an asshat. If that idiot would stop letting his mouth write checks his/her(politically correct, I guess, who cares) body can not cash. Can't you read the disclaimer you moron, "THIS IS A HUMOROUS (OUR TRYING TO BE) SITE". Put your nose down so you can see.