Monday, April 04, 2005

Busy British Tooth Fairies

This lady pulled seven of her own teeth. (That's a lot of teeth for a Brit to have, isn't it?)
Apparently, there are not enough dentists to go around.

Wheeee! Socialized medcine is fun! And it works, as long as you have enough alcohol on hand.
Come on, let's have no care for everyone!,,2-2005142569,00.html

WOW. Where do I sign up?

Oopsth! I mean, Where do I thign up?

Thass better.


suncabbage said...

You begged and here I am, commenting against my better judgement.

I'm wondering why the foreign dentists were unsatisfactory, surely they at least have better anaesthetic than a pint? (Or a couple of pints) Maybe they include the alcohol in the bill and that was the breaker for her? Living, as I do, in the States--the home of everything commercial and how can we get it bigger, better and faster, by the way; and coming from Canada, born and raised among the peace-loving social medicine providers; it occurs to me that you can find that same woman (grandmother, and all) in almost any county. I pay much more for my limited coverage here than I would in Canada, but I get in a smidge faster as the lines are growing up North. No Dentistry coverage come to think of it so I guess my points off completely. You did mention something about humour though, so maybe you'll forgive me. :) J.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Dear SunCabbage,

Thank you so much for leaving a comment with me. I hardly get any at this lame-ass site, so I am truly in your debt.

I like your comment so much that I am planning on using it in an upcoming post!

Keep an eye out for it.


The Conservative UAW Guy

another conservative guy said...

Stinking cheap Brits. They're all crazy.