Saturday, April 09, 2005

Lunch Musing: Stereotypes and My Friend Peacy

Sometimes, I make fun of people. Remember Suncabbage a.k.a. Peacy?

See original posting here...

However, this making fun of people is usually only for HUMOR. Not even necessarily good humor.

Stereotypes are fun, they are not always correct, but they are fun. I know many people that fit, or partially fit stereotypes regarding their socioeconomic status, their religion, their type of employment (no electrical or teacher jokes here please, I'm sensitive), their education level, their gender, their race, the sexual proclivities, etc.

I also know many people that do not fit them at all.

I fit some stereotypes, too:

You know, like REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, GOOD-LOOKING people are stuck up.
But I try to be nice to my homlies…I mean my homies.

Or the stereotype that REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, INTELLIGENT people think they know more than everyone else. Of course, we DO, but we try not to rub it in peoples’ faces.

So if you see stereotypes in here being made fun of, it is only because I think people who are different from me in any way are funny. Ooops! Did I write that out-loud? Stupid huge brain!

That being said, I would like to thank Peacy the Health-nut for letting me vent on his commie, hippy, snarky comments, while at the same time assuring him that, as a Christian, I love him and would never crack his shell, unless he really deserved it.

I am praying for you, Suncabbage. And I am also praying for you to become a conservative Christian, Peacy!!


Also, I realize that there are many brave Canadians, it's just that their nanny-state, sissy-socialist-commie-gun-grabbing government won’t let them have a real military. Hell, they had to fly to the tsunami victims on Russian planes (who are still pretty-much commies, by the way).

Come on down and join our military guys! We have a big tent with room for everyone.
Well, you can keep the dirty-hippies and commies up north.

(Oops, sorry Jesus.)

Yeah, I guess the hippies can come too; I guess. But I’m still going to rant at them and try to convert them. (Stoopid socialists!)

Also, if you are a Canadian who is not a whiny socialist asshat, here is a really cool site that I frequent regularly:

It is for conservative Canadians, run by a Canadian. This is how I know there are conservative Canadians. This site is the real deal. Real conservative. They even have ANN COULTER articles (sigh). Ooops! Sorry about the sigh, honey. Sorry, Jesus.

I’m on a roll today.

Please visit the aforementioned site, you might like it.

In closing, remember that when I bash people, it’s just a rant, so relax. People that don’t understand that might be humorless asshats! Be careful, you may be the next to incur my wrath, Hateful Hattie!

And remember, just because I call you an asshat, doesn’t mean I really mean it, maybe…


Anonymous said...

Conservative Canadians are cool!
Oh yeah, Conservatives are cool.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I would concur, anonymous!
Conservative Canadians RULE!!!!
Conservatives in general do, too.;)