Monday, April 18, 2005

Lunch Musings: Best type of terrorists...

1. Perforated ones! Hooray!
2. Smothered
3. Chopped
4. Diced
(Is this the Waffle House hash browns menu. or what?)
5. Smoked
6. Filleted
7. Flattened
8. Smooshed
9. Exploded
10. Dead
11. Eviscerated
12. Toasted (crispy brown, not drunk).
13. Grilled

And the very best type:

14. Live ones that have been converted to peace-loving pro-American capitalists. Hooray! Capitalism Rocks!


Anonymous said...

the only thing your missing CUG is the Evaporated kind, like still in the bottom of the glass bowl.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Good one S-tay.
I like evaporated!!

freudz wet dream said...

Aren't terrorists high in colesteral?

JebTexas said...

I'm telling you, my new bass-o-matic 9000 is the absolute shizzlenizzit! With the optional puppy/kitty shelf, processing an entire terrorist towel-head is NO PROBLEMO! Be the envy of your block! Be the first one to go to exciting new places, meet new and different people, and puree them into smoothies! Capitalism Rules!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Cholesteral yes.
Very low in carbs though.
Not humanity friendly, but Atkins friendly!

Terrorist smoothies...? Hmm...

The Bass-o-matic is classic, dude!

And yes, hooray for capitalism!!!!

nomoretreehugginhippiecrap said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
JebTexas said...

Hey, CUG! Did you get some virulent, disturbed, insane rant comments? You MUST be doing it right! Keep up the good work. Being the webmaster rules!

freudz wet dream said...

Only on the internet could I be spotted on the same page as someone named Jeb.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

THAT'S Funny.
Your a hoot, fwd.

Hey Jeb,
Thanks for the encouragement!
Being the webmaster does rule, however, I have not had any comments I couldn't leave on here (yet, careful fwd;)).

That one was asking me to phone someone...kind of boring.

nomoretreehugginhippiecrap said...

If we had done a better job during the crusade's we wouldn't be dealing with this crap today

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

You got that right.

freudz wet dream said...

Hippie you can have a hayday with that thought. If we have done a better job at blood letting, we wouldn't be dealing with med cats today.