Saturday, April 09, 2005

More aclu

The original Toledo Channel 24 News story:

ACLU Fighting Ohio Sex Offender Law

Here is the ACLU press release defending their stance:

We hate God and love Perverts

Those guys have good writers! For a minute there I was getting ready to join and donate money. (Then I pulled my head out of my a##.)

Here is a quote from the ACLU, from the aforementioned article:
"In comparison to other types of offenses, sex offenders recidivate at a less frequent rate."
OH Reeeeealy?

Here is a quote from another story:

“It happens all the time,” said Louis B. Schlesinger, a forensic psychologist specializing in criminal behavior and sex crimes at John J. College of Criminal Justice (search) in New York. “The dangerous ones have a high recidivism rate.”
That quote is from this article:

Convicted Child Molesters Often Strike Again

Yeh, I know, it's Fox News, but it still jives with anecdotal evidence, as well as documented evidence, regardless of what the ACLU commies say.

FYI, here is the Ohio Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification Site:

You know, I would have a lot more respect for these ##############'s if they had one pro-gun suit. Isn't the 2nd amendment a civil right? They are strangely silent here....

Watch for the exclusive CUG Headline News interview with the president of the ACLU (the one other than Satan).


Anonymous said...

Hanging is too good for them...

Andrew said...

Maybe it's time to send the tree-hugging hippies to France... and let them befriend perverts there.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Let's collect money for tickets now!