Tuesday, April 05, 2005


News Flash: CUG Headline News Exclusive - The scoop wit da poop!!

The Conservative UAW Guy disagrees with Ann Coulter!!

Is this humanly possible!!??

Has the world stopped spinning?
Did hell freeze over?
Did Michael Moore stop snacking for 37+ seconds?


Ann Coulter called Ted Kennedy a human dirigable in a recent speech.

Here is an exclusive quote from the CUG:

"Well, as much as I like Ann. I must respectfully disagree.
Dirigables float.
Neither Mr. Kennedy, his car, nor his passengers float. If he did, at his size, his car would have floated like an old VW bug, or a liberal college professor in a vat of liquid tofu and soybean oil.

However, I think both Ann and I could agree that we both would enjoy seeing the super-sized-senator burst into flame and then crash into the ground and burn a la the Hindenberg."

Not questioned for comment, Ms Coulter did not say:

"Wow, the Conservative UAW Guy disagreed with me?
If a union guy that is that hot and that smart disagrees with me, I will need to rethink my position.
Call me CUG, and we can discuss this, and many other positions as well. Afterwards, I will make you a sandwich and buy you a new gun."

The CUG, who is EXTREMELY (and happily :)) married to a wonderful woman who reads his blog with moderate regularity, was quoted as saying:

"Yeh, I get that all the time.
But, I will have to pass.
Please just leave a comment on my blogsite, Ann."

Ted Kennedy was quoted as saying:

"Mmmfff blrgle grscp blarg!"

Damn Ted, lose the sandwich first! This is for CUG Headline News for Pete's sake!

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Anonymous said...

CUG - You are wrong, Mr. Kennedy obviously floats. He is still here but his car, nor his passenger are. As a matter of fact, I believe Mr. Kennedy is the prototype for the first air bag!

Thanks for the blog

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I thought he would make his car float if that were the case. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Nope he floated out the window with the rest of the shit.

Anonymous said...

it is morally questionable to disagree with the lovely Ann..


Anonymous said...

CUG, Teddy would most certainly float to make the term "dirigable" fit because he is mostly nothing but hot air!!!!


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Hey, BC.
Just noticed the air-bag prototype comment. That's funny.
(Sorry, I'm slow today, long day)>

TAotB said...

You're the anti-Coulter!

Thanks for the laugh. =)

Patriot Xeno said...

hey, while she's buying you a sandwich, feel free to talk up your good buddy Patriot Xeno, because while you are happily married, he is quite available.