Monday, April 04, 2005

Triple-Header - YeeHaw

Gotta love a threepeat. These are my most favoritist type of terrorists.

The Saudi government today said it is tired of pissing around with terrorists, and publicly beheaded three of them:,2933,152296,00.html

Maybe the death penalty really is a deterrent, if executed properly (no pun intended).

The whole head on a pike thing is deterring me from even wanting to visit Saudi Arabia.

In an unrelated story, the Saudi's were trying to raise money by selling surplus hats.


nomoretreehugginhippiecrap said...

CUG-love your work
love your cars also
I'd like to bitch slap a honda. Reminds me of when I split the crotch of my pants out at work today. Surprising at first, but then it was just a cool refreshing breeze.
Keep on blowing breeze.
"just a man keepin' the brother down"

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Dear nomore,

Thanks, I am fond of my work, too.

And, our fine, fine, UAW produced cars rock!!! I know, I own four of them.

Hondas do indeed need bitch-slapped, a maybe even a kick in the nuts!!!!

Oh, wait. Hondas are chicks, no nads there. Stick with the bitch-slap.

Love ya,


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

By the way, you noticed I disregarded comments about your crotch, as that would be distasteful.
Wait, I just did.