Monday, June 13, 2005

Totally Hooray!!! The Gay-List!

A Tie-Dyed Star Wars Storm-Trooper Dirty-Hippy Tree-Hugger?
Yeah, you guessed it. Gay.

Update: Doc Kenny has never contacted me again. I did offer...


The all new Gay-List. Better than an A-List, and with less homos in it. (Just kidding to all you homos!)

(Please note that this is a continuation of the previous post).
Like ta hear 'em? Here we go!

10. Pomeranians. They are cute, but still gay.

9. Hybrid cars. Totally gay. (Just ask Dr. Kenny!!)

8. John Kerry. Just listen to him. Look at him. Good Lord, look at his college picture. Gay.

7. John Edwards. Holy crap! Even the lefties can't deny that! Way gay.

6. IPOD's. Sorry, I guess I'm just old fashioned. MP3's should be on computers with surround sound, not little gay mint-boxes. (Are desktops with surround-sound old-fashioned?)

5.Any song by Wham. I guess that's not news, is it? Mondo gay. (Warning: Totally gay picture attatched to link!!! If people see you looking at it, they will laugh at you. Work-safe, however.)

4. People that want to try G.W. Bush for war crimes, but want to let that nice man Sadaam go.
Unparalled gayness.

3. Lifetime movies. Nuff said.

2. The Oxygen Channel. Gayness incarnate.

and the number one entry (for this week) on the Gay-List,

1. Liberals who think anyone who's not liberal must be racist, bigoted, gun-toting, hate-filled homophobes that are total Jesus freaks. (They can bite me.)

Well, I am kinda gun-toting...



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Dr. Phat Tony said...

Does it take special holster to tote a gun? I usually like to tuck mine in my pants gangsta style.

mensabarbie said...

>Pomeranians. They are cute, but still gay

Hey jimmyb!!
To comment on the little dog:
I just can't stand that constant "yip-yip-yip-yip-yip"

((BANG!)) ha, they can't stand constructive criticism one iota!

ha (all in fun)

PoP said...

Watch out or the nasty stormtrooper will hit you with his purse.

Dr. Phat Tony said...

...or the child. You know that human life means nothing to tree-hugger, peta, antiwar, moonbats.

pete in Midland said...

Man oh man, CUG, if you think Oxygen is GAY ..... don't ever make the mistake of catching WE in Canada (Womens Entertainment, indeed!)

I guess Lifetime might be gay .... but I always just thought of it a ManHater TV ... LOL

pete in Midland

nomoretreehugginhippiecrap said...

Michael Jackson being acquitted is a gay travisty of justice.

Anonymous said...

i agree with nomore. just because youre rich and famous doesnt mean you should be allowed to dink young boys! another case of "justice" from the damn hippie-trippy, pansy/pinko leftists

Zaphriel said...

Isn't listing Lifetime and Oxygen separately sort of redundant, and in it's own way....Gay!

Great post man

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Doc - Gangsta style is cool, just don't shoot any hardware off

mensa - ha! lol! "Criticism" can be harsh!

pop - Welcome. Ith it purse, or purth?
Please stop back anytime.

Doc - if he swung the kid he would have to be ventilated... Perforated Storm-Troopers!

pete - Hey. Never say WE but I can just imagine. Nice to here from you.

nomore - I thought you were on vacation! I have mixed feelings about that case. May post on it later.

anon - Hi. Yeh, I think he probably did, but there were mitigating issues in the trial. Like I said, mixed feelings.

zaphriel - Hey, dude. Welcome back.
I got that book now. Just need time to read it. Thanks.

Thank you all for your input!!!
It is so fun to read you folks!

Wyatt Earp said...

Thankfully, in the Star Wars universe, Darth Vader and Emporer Palpatine would have choked this stormtrooper like Wayne Brady "chokes bitches." C3P0 was gay enough without this pansy imperial henchman!

BTW, that's Ben Affleck in the costume. Totally gay.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Are you a film director?
I would by tickets to see Affleck get strangled!