Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ah, Shoot!

UPDATE: I mailed a letter signed by myself, and Missus Jimmyb, today!
Ok Scott! Make sure you have some beer when we show up.
(For after shooting, of course.)

Scott G from Ah, Shoot! has an interesting post regarding the construction of the largest shooting range in the country!!!

An excerpt:

One of these possible projects is the Clark County Sport Shooting Park.

This sounds great. But they need support. Some of this is from public funds, so anyone in the country can write a letter to ask that the project be completed.

What we need at this time (before Sept 28), are letters from citizens who support the park...
Don Turner
Shooting Park Manager

Slide on over to Ah, Shoot to get the whole story!
It's a worthy cause, and it's cheap to write a letter!!! :)


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