Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hard-core Racist Lefties.

Here is why it should be legal to beat the living hell out of tree-hugging, bunny-nuzzling hippies.

Once again, the far-left shows us what they really think!
Thanks hippies! The left always loses when they show their true colors.
(Hi, I want to raise your taxes, disarm you, and control what you say; vote for me!)

Here is my letter to PETA:

Dear PETA et al,

Please keep up your evilness and vile hate so everyone can see you for what you really are, you contemptible, hate-filled, racist psychos.
I pray I live long enough to see you disappear. :)

jimmyb, the CUG

(Note smiley face at end because I'm such a nice guy!)
To say that this is TOO MUCH would be an understatement.
I'm sure the ACLU will come out in force to back them up, though.
(Click the below title to read the whole, disgusting thing.)

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