Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm Sorry.

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Thanks to iHillary for the image.
Thanks to Mensa Barbie for turning me on to iHillary!
That poster says it all.

To you libs who say, "how dare you question my patriotism?".
I say, "Easy. Like THIS!"

Dear Cindy Shrillhan,

I am sorry.
I am terribly sorry you lost your son. There is nothing more horrific than losing a child.
Been there, done that.
I pray for your son, and for your grief to subside. I pray for all our soldiers and families.

That being said, I would like to state that only selfish pricks use the death of their child to get away with whatever they want. Guess what you are, Cindy?
Your free pass has expired.

I am sorry that you are a shrill, dirty-hippy that hates this great country your brave son died trying to protect. He loved it so much he re-enlisted. God bless him. And screw you.

I am sorry that the left always feels the end justifies the means, regardless of whom they destroy along the way.

I'm sorry your husband left you, but after hearing your un-Godly annoying voice on that TV commercial, I commend him for not killing you in your sleep. He's a heck of a guy. Is fishwife an archaic term?

I'm sorry the second time that commercial came on TV, I yelled, STFU!

I'm sorry that your wacko leftist friends are now harassing wounded soldiers at hospitals.
I'm sorry we can't arrest those a**holes and try them and subsequently execute their traitorous butts. Gitmo is WAY too good for them. There is a special place in hell for those people, Sindy.

I'm sorry the left says being a traitor is the new patriotism. Thanks a bunch, Hillary et al.
I'm sorry this country doesn't prosecute and incarcerate and/or execute traitors on a regular basis. Too many of your kind give aid and comfort to the enemy.

I'm sorry you are swept up by celebrity and are standing on the dead body of your son to get attention and promote you evil, leftist, commie agenda.
I'm sorry the left never fails to miss an opportunity to stand on piles of the dead to promote an agenda... Unless it's the bodies of Iraqis mass murdered Sadaam, or something. That's wasn't a good reason to take him out.

I'm sorry you are willing to let the Iraqi people prematurely fend for themselves and thus live and die under warlords, so you can slam our president, and write for Huffington Post (which is totally gay, I might add).
I'm sorry that %95 of the time I see your face it is smiling. I know grief does strange things, though. It just seems odd.

I'm sorry that I have to listen to that freaking commercial even on FOX NEWS, DANG IT! (So much for them being right-wing, eh?)

I'm sorry you are not within arm's reach of me right now...

I'm sorry I hate you so much, because Jesus tells me to love my enemies.
Simply put: You are an enemy of my country; you are my enemy.

I'm NOT sorry I'm a Christian, even though that precludes me from smashing your skull in with a cement block.
I'm sorry I even thought of that. I never said I was a great Christian.
However Christians, unlike leftards, have rules ya know.

I guess I grudgingly love you in the sense of loving humanity and my fellow man, but I hate what you do, how you do it, and what you stand for.

I'm sorry I said h**l.

I'm sorry you are offended when I say fellow man. I mean that in an asexual non-gender-specific way, so you and your feminazis get over it.

I'm sorry I'm so pissed-off right now.

I'm sorry I said pi**ed-off.

I'm sorry about this post.




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