Saturday, August 13, 2005

Imagine That.

This article kind of speaks for itself.

Governor’s Office Steered Terror Aid - Newark Star-Ledger

The homeland security grants sparked controversy in July when The Star-Ledger reported that 93 percent of the $23 million handed out since 2002 had gone to districts controlled by Democrats. At the time, Codey spokeswoman Kelley Heck said the governor’s office “didn’t play a role in the awarding of those grants.”

More than $8 million was allocated for the program this year with 94 percent going to districts controlled by Democrats. The money was part of the 2005 budget approved six weeks before McGreevey announced his resignation last summer.

When the grants were distributed in April, more than $7.8 million went to Democratic legislative districts. Municipalities in Republican districts got $523,454, despite requesting a similar amount as Democrats.

Go read the whole thing here.
Have we heard from the self-rightous Dems about their own "taking advantage" of 9/11?

I thought not.

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