Tuesday, August 16, 2005

One for the Ladies, Perhaps? More Gun Stuff!

"Whatcha got there jimmyb?"

Well, I'll tell ya what I got here!

This here is a Beretta model 21A semi-automatic pistol.
It's cool.

And small.
It's about 4.8 inches long, by 3.7 inches high, and about an inch thick, with a 2.4 inch barrel.

It shoots .22 caliber long-rifle rounds, and has a magazine capacity of 7+1.
For all you non-gunny folk, that means the magazine holds 7 rounds, plus you can have an additional round in the chamber, ready to fire.

There are a few sweet things about this pistol.

1. It's cool looking and all black and mean! :)

2. It is VERY compact. It literally fits in the palm of my hand.
It will definitely fit in a shirt or pants pocket quite handily, as well as in a purse or ankle holster.

3. The tip-up barrel. This is cool, too! One problem women (and some guys) have with semi-autos is having enough hand/forearm strength to pull the slide back fully to chamber a round. This is even more so a problem with smaller pistols, as there is less pistol there to grip!
This particular gun is in almost brand new condition, and pulling the slide back takes noticeable effort for myself, even though I am a big, strapping, conservative union guy.

What to do, what to do? Tip-up barrel to the rescue! By pressing the release on the left side (above the trigger) of the gun, the barrel will "tip up", allowing one to insert a cartridge into the chamber, without having to cycle (pull back) the slide manually. Once the barrel is pressed back down, the gun can be fired simply by pulling the trigger (which is reasonably light). This is a double-action weapon, so the hammer need not be pulled back to fire the gun from the un-cocked (hammer down) position.

Accuracy is about what one would expect for a semi-auto of this size. It's ok, but no tack-driver. Of course, it was not designed to be a tack-driver.

This would definitely make a nice backup weapon for a man. And a good backup for a woman, or perhaps even a primary defense weapon (some is better than none!).
Heck, this wouldn't be out of the question as a primary weapon for anybody if conceal-ability and weight were large determining factors.

One con: It is a little persnickety about ammo. It just doesn't like Thunderbolt ammo!
Dang! That's usually all I buy. However, it will digest Winchester jacketed 22's all day long, so I guess that'll have to do!

*sigh* I love gun pr0N.


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