Thursday, August 11, 2005

Priceless Blogging Tip!

A recent post I had at Steve the Pirate's site. Stop by and say hi to Steve. He's got some great new material!!

Dear jimmyb,

Since you are a master-blogger, with at least 4 readers now, I wanted to ask you how much time should I spend blogging?
How do I know if I am spending enough time perfecting my craft, and gathering information for future posts.
I want to have top-shelf material like you and Steve the Pirate!

Signed, A baby-blogger

To which I replied:

Dear bb,

You did say master-blogger, right? Ahem.

Ok, the method I have arrived at for blog-time determination is this:

When you tell your wife, “Honey, I’m going to go work on my blogging (that I don’t get paid for), ok?”
and she responds,
“Hey, maybe you can just marry your stupid blog and computer”, there is information you can glean from this.

Upon hearing this, you then know you need to spend about an addtional one to two hours a day more on blogging.

Hope this helps! Watch for insightful relationship advice next week! :)

Signed, jimmyb the CUG

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