Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stop the ACLU

I have been meaning to do a "Spotlight" piece to discuss links on my sidebar.
I figure like once a week, I could pick one and give you my humble take on it, with an upfront link, and let you folks decide for yourself after that.

I honestly do visit every link you see in the sidebar.
(Obviously not all every day!)

So my first spotlight is to tell you about the Stop the ACLU site.

I joined up a while back (and need to get their logo/link on my sidebar) and have linked to them almost since I started this blog.

These folks do great work, and are getting national attention now.
Here is an article about them on World Net Daily.
They are dedicated to stopping the ACLU's evil, commie agenda.

I am going to some work for them here pretty soon (mailing letters to churches and stuff).
Maybe you could, too!
Stop by and check them out.


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