Thursday, August 11, 2005

Why Be Honest? Do What Works.

Update: They pulled the ads, but I'm still pissed (plus, I'm not going to waste all this writing!).

Once again, documented proof of rabid leftist baby-killers colluding with the Main Stream Media. Man, I hate NARAL as much as I hate NAMBLA.

Maybe these folks can use the old
"unborn-kids-are-parasites-and-thus-deserving-of-death" argument,
like one of my commenters did.
That really gets the inbred fly-over country fundie-hicks on your side...

Of course, my thoughts in bold.

From Drudge Report:

Tue Aug 09 2005 19:41:54 ET

CNN has reviewed and agreed to run a controversial ad produced by a pro-abortion group that falsely accuses Supreme Court nominee John Roberts of filing legal papers supporting a convicted clinic bomber!
Hey, CNN, C-BS, ABC, whatever. They don't let facts get in the way of their agenda.

The news network has agreed to a $125,000 ad buy from NARAL, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, for a commercial which depicts a bombed out 1998 Birmingham, AL abortion clinic.
Hey, cash is cash. The left has no qualms about standing upon death and destruction to preach.
Best. Soapbox. Ever.

The Birmingham clinic was bombed seven years after Roberts signed the legal briefing.
The linking of Roberts to "violent fringe groups" is the sharpest attack against the nominee thus far. However, the non-partisan University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg reviewed the NARAL ad and found it to be “false.”

So? We're the MSM. We can't let falsehoods stop a sale. Or an agenda. found "in words and images, the ad conveys the idea that Roberts took a legal position excusing bombing of abortion clinics, which is false."

Which no one in the MSM will report. is pretty cool. They zing both sides. Although they lean a little left, but that could just be my justified right-wing paranoia.

The Republican National Committee is preparing to send a letter to television stations asking them to pull the spot, according to sources.
Which they won't unless they get too much pressure from the public. We already know what they think about the RNC, and conservatives in general.

The RNC’s letter claims: "NARAL's ad is a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts that has no purpose but to mislead the American people."
True, but again, who's counting?
(Except us bloggers! Yay, us! And maybe Fox News!)

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