Monday, September 05, 2005

APB Fmragtops!!!

Friend fellow blogger Fmragtops from Fmragtops Spews is missing.

From SeanS at Shoot a Liberal:

I'm putting out an all points bulletin for Fmragtops. He lives in Louisiana. His last post was on August 24 stating he was out of town. Nothing else has been posted on his site since Katrina hit. Anyone knowing the location / status of Fmragtops, please post in the comments section. JimmyB, GunnNutt, Fitch, and I are worried about him. Please post a message on your blogs as well.

He's from somewhere in Louisiana. He left a post on Wed. August 24, 2005 that he was going away on business, and we haven't heard from him since.
If anyone knows anything, please let us know.
We are praying for him.

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