Tuesday, September 06, 2005

e-Postal Shooting Contest.

The e-Postal Online Shooting match is here! Entries must be in to Mr. Completely by midnight, tonight (09/06/05). (Click on each target for a closer view).

These are the targets I submitted, using a Ruger MKII .22 LR with a 4" barrel.
This is equipped with a relatively inexpensive Tasco 30mm red-dot scope (0x magnification). The weapon is the wife's pistol that I've posted a picture of before. She let's me borrow it whenever I like because she's a total sweetheart!

The targets were shot at a distance of 30ft; top target was shot standing with no support, the bottom target was likewise shot at 30ft off of a bench rest sitting.
Not great, but passable shooting, and certainly good enough to take out a ground hog or a looter.

Get all the rules, targets, and info here:

e-Postal Handgun Match #2 - "Snub-or-Not"

Better hurry! Tic-toc, tic-toc.
And of course, it is your duty as a patriotic American to be armed to protect America and her citizens, and to be proficient (at least moderately!) with said arms. It is your duty as a family member to be able to protect your family members.
I think the flood victims show us why each person should be armed.

Excuse me, but I need to go shoot a bunch of .308 and .45 rounds now!
(Practice what you preach, eh?)


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