Friday, September 23, 2005

The Height of Arrogance

I don't want to get into the whole conservative/racial thing, because it is a tired old card of the left, and totally untrue. Racism knows no party. But racism is one of the cards the left still tries to play (and poorly plays it, I might add).

Anyway, Dick Gregory (whoever he is) shows how big a person he is in the following excerpt.
And I thought I had a high opinion of myself...

Bush Team Conspired Against Blacks, Activists Charge
By Nathan Burchfiel Correspondent
September 12, 2005

( - Several black civil rights leaders are accusing the federal government of conspiring against poor African Americans in the aftermath of the flooding in New Orleans.
But one of those hurling the charges, comedian and political activist Dick Gregory, on Friday refused to say what, if anything, he has personally contributed to the relief effort.

Gregory, who had just visited evacuees at the Houston Astrodome and the city's convention center, said he was able offer the flood victims something else besides money and food.

"I'm a hero in America, so just to go there and touch them, means a lot to them. [That] means more than taking them to the Red Cross and giving them food," Gregory told Cybercast News Service. Gregory did not reply to the question about whether he had made a personal donation.
Personally, I would rather have food and water, but then, what do I know? I'm not a famous comedian and activist. Well, ok. I am famous.

I've never even heard of this guy, so he can't be THAT famous, as I keep moderately abreast of entertainment news (one of my guilty pleasures I am weaning myself from!).

So in the spirit of Mr. Gregory, I have decided that if you need food or water, I can email you, which is way better! Not as good as showing up, but a good email should at least take the edge off your thirst and hunger.


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