Wednesday, September 07, 2005


(H2S04 is doing ok, as well. Waiting for his site, Sulfuric Attitude, to come back online!)

I had a recent post about Fmragtops, one of my fave Louisiana bloggers, being missing in action.

I just got this email:

Hey CUG. I am fine. I still have my family, my life and my home. I am very lucky compared to the people that live further East. We are finally getting back to normal. Everybody I know has their power and phones back. I'll probably have to take a break from blogging for a while because I have been away from work for a couple of weeks now, and I need to get caught up. I appreciate the prayers, and good wishes. I will be back to blogging shortly. Thanks again.

As well as this blog comment:

Guys, I am touched by your concern and well wishes. Thank you. I am okay. Was without power, and phones for awhile, but otherwise unscathed. Thanks again to all of you for prayers, and thoughts.

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