Wednesday, September 14, 2005

jimmyb, Being Fair and Balanced (as usual).

(Click image for better view of super-fantastic art and design work!)
So a couple people think my post about the Flight 93 Memorial was paranoid, racist, stupid, blah, blah, blah.
I even offended Mauser Girl! (If I were single, she would be mine, BTW.)
(Just kidding MG! Don't shoot me.!)

So, in the interest of being fair, pragmatic, and open-minded, I present my alternate memorials (with their appropriate names) for Flight 93. In the spirit of the left I will give explanations of how ignoramuses like myself might mis-interpret them.

If you are offended by any of these symbols, you are (insert hyperbole here).

There is no charge for this public service, as all time and exceptional artwork have been donated by CUG Industries, Inc. (With a little Haliburton funding thrown in.)

Disclaimer: I pray for, thank, and commend the souls who fought for Flight 93.
I would also love to eviserate the people who hijacked it, unlike the Moore-Ons and Marcy Kapturs, who say murderous Islamofacists and splodey-tards are freedom-fighters, and our soldiers are murderers and thugs.
To those types: bite me. (Please see my targets I shot recently, before you visit, you farleftards!
Yay! Marksmanship rules!)

Holy shnikey! Could I be any more fair and balanced? I don't think so...
Y'all can thank me later.


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