Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More Unmitigated Eeeeeeeeevil from Walmart.

Regarding hurricane Katrina and Walmart:

$17 million cash.

$3 million in merchandise.

$8.5 million to affected employees.

$xxxxx in merchandise to looters.

Guaranteed jobs to employees of affected stores, at any store in America.

Mini-Walmarts to hand out items to survivors.

Online Missing Persons Picture Board at and

Numerous (read thousands) of semi-trucks loads delivering goods from them and donated items from others.

Announced it would fill prescriptions, free of charge, to evacuees with emergency medicine needs and no money, even if they did not have a copy of their prescription.

Donated the use of 22 vacant facilities in impacted states for relief efforts. Uses include evacuee shelters, supply depots, food pantry, a tent city for utility crews and even a dialysis clinic. The company will pay utilities on these facilities while in use.

Plus a whole bunch more.

Those heartless bastards.


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