Thursday, September 22, 2005

My SUV Must Be God!

Now my vehicles are changing the climate elsewhere in the solar system!
Can the whole universe be not far behind?
Take that you poor Martians!!! We only like rich Martians!

From Nasa's Mars Global Surveyor site via the Jet Propulsion Laboratories:

...for three Mars summers in a row, deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near Mars' south pole have shrunk from the previous year's size, suggesting a climate change in progress.

and from the article, "Four Mars Years of South Polar Changes" at the same site:

Each year that Mars Global Surveyor has been in orbit, the landforms of the south polar residual cap have gotten smaller, and the carbon dioxide removed from the cap has not been re-deposited. The implication is that Mars presently has a warm (and possibly warming) climate, with new carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere every year. The other implication is that, at some time in the not-too-distant past, the planet had a colder climate, so that the layers of carbon dioxide could be deposited in the first place.

DU and Daily KOS are reporting that it is Bush's fault and the Repugnicans. This fits their world view...oops! I mean, solar system view of conservative evil.

I will reiterate. I still think that (perceived) climate change is caused by:




Ok tree-huggers! I report, you decide.

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