Saturday, September 03, 2005

Time to Step Up.

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I have recommended The Salvation Army (1-800-SAL-ARMY) in the Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief Weekend. Make sure you check for more info at Technorati's for Flood Aid, and Hurricane Katrina. Once again, the bloggers come together...

Of course, there are many good charities out there, just don't get ripped off by the scammers (who are going to hell, I might add).

(Original post):
Our brothers and sisters are in need.

Glenn Reynolds has a list of charities to choose from.

Little Green Footballs does as well.

You Big Mouth, You has a list of some corporate donors.

Also check out Conservathink and Ah Shoot have some suggestions, too.

I'm probably going to donate money at GM, because they match employee donations dollar for dollar up to xxxxx number of dollars (number usually changes). Get more bang for my buck that way.

However, I might give more than one place, too. Haven't decided yet. (Note: I have now! Salvation Army, and most likely Catholic Charities, too!)

Please give what you can, and please pray for our fellow countrymen (and women, of course).
Lot of money, lot of prayin'. That's what they need...

God bless 'em, and God help them.

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