Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well, I Don't Like to Brag...

Oh, wait! Yes I do!
Ok, guess what place I came in in the e-Postal Match #2 "Snub or Not" online shooting contest, over at Mr. Completely's.

Go ahead.


jimmyb was FIRST!!! (With apologies to IMAO's comment section.) Hooray for me! :)
FIRST! prize - Bragging rights, dutifully exercised here.

See my targets here: e-Postal Shooting Contest #2.
See Mr. Completely's scoring results here: e-Postal Match #2 "Snub-or-Not" Results
Scoring was 5 shots per target for a maximum of 50 points per target for a perfect score.
Total of 10 targets (5 per sheet) for a max of 250 points/sheet, 500 points total.

Your's truly placed first in the 2.5" to 4" barrel catagory, as well as first in the overall scores.
(To be fair, a lot of guys were shooting snubbies, so that is a far less equitable comparison in the overall scores. However, I'll still take it!)
I used Mama's 4" heavy-barrel Ruger MKII .22. Red-dot scope, no trigger work. Pretty sweet for a stock gun.

I would like to thank God, my mom, my wife (her gun), the Founding Fathers, Sturm and Ruger, conservatives, the NRA, and Mr. Completely.

This was a blast to shoot, and I have shot more this summer than I have for several years.
Thanks, Mr. Completely!!! You rule!!!

You guys should get out and shoot, too! It's fun, and a useful skill (void in Socialist and Commie countries. Also void in many blue cities and states. Let's change that!)

I will apprise all of the next contest dates.

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