Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chicken Choking?!?!

I need a little levity after the union post and reading the news...

Aelfheld, at Gall and Wormwood found this story:

It's an AP story. That's ASSociated Press.

I'm sorry.
I couldn't help myself.
When they have a headline like this, they just open themselves up to all kinds of heckling.
I thought the AP did hard news stories.
Ok. Sorry again.


Group Condemns Chicken Choking Toy:

Oct 18 4:50 PM US/Eastern
SYDNEY, Australia
A chicken toy that squawks and flaps its wings when strangled is "grossly irresponsible" and sends the wrong message to young children, a spokesman for a leading animal welfare group said Tuesday.

A product description on the Web site of Jaycar Electronics, a major Australian importer of toy, says: "Grab him by the neck and he will squawk and cluck like mad, flapping his wings and feet wildly as if he is really being choked."

But Michael Beatty, a spokesman for the Queensland state branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said the toy was "grossly irresponsible" and sent the wrong message to young children.

"What's next? Burn a cat? Shoot a dog?" Beatty said. "Children of that age are likely to turn around and try the same thing on their pet bird or even the cat or dog. Then they're going to wonder why the animal fights back."

Then they'll wonder why it fights back? They'll only wonder if they're liberals, since surrender seems to be second nature to them...

By the way, if anyone knows where I can buy one of these, please let me know.
It sounds funny, and very un-PC, too.

My next business venture may be the "Boots, the Burn-a-Cat" and Bandit, the Cap-a-Dog" dolls. There has to be a market out there somewhere!

Of course, the puppy-blending idea has already been taken.

Maybe a Michael Moore and Babs smiting toy!!
Yay! Toys are fun! (And so is smiting!)

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