Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In Support of Unions.

I was asked to submit an essay to a website called The Balance of Power by Zaphriel of Zaphriel's Blog fame (the renamed Birth of a Neocon site!) . Balance of Power is a great site with essays by folks all over the political spectrum.

This was right at the time Delphi was all over the news for wanting to cut wages 60% and file bankruptcy.

I had quite a few comments here regarding the Delphi moves and unions in general, so when Zaph asked me for an essay with the topic of my choice, I decided one about unions might be appropriate.

Honestly, it could be better. A little rambling and could definitely be more concise. It was rushed as I was busy that week, and put it off longer than I should have as well. All my fault, I might add.

Still, I hope it makes some sense to people.
Be forewarned, it is pro-union, for the most part. (It is not anti-conservative, however.)
You can get union-bashing almost anywhere you look, but where will you find a positive union essay from a conservative?

Right here, that's where:

In Support of Unions (a Balance of Power work).

Please take a gander (that's a look in Ohio-speak) at it when you get a chance. It is long, so be forewarned. And I apologize for the questionable quality.
Make sure you read the accompanying pieces by Ancient Eyes for Current Times, Liberty Just In Case, and The Independant Liberal.

Hope you like it.


PS - Thanks to Zaph for the invite, and the editing!!! :)

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