Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pitt Made Me Do This...

(I didn't want to, but my hand was forced! This picture is in retaliation. Cool gun, though!)
So I'm perusing Pitt's site (aka Deadpool), as I am wont to do on occasion, and find this little gem in his latest post:

"i think this is how republicans are caring for themselves and saying f##k it to the moral fibres...."

A couple points -
One, fiber is spelled fiber, that gay European crap doesn't cut it (colour, litre, homou, giveau peece a chaunce...). I don't care what the dictionary or FWD says.

Two - I'm sorry, did a self-proclaimed liberal just say I had no moral fibre (sic)? No irony there. How's the good old morally upright liberal party doin' in Canukistan, anyway? No scandals, right? I know the left over here just wants to help children and the poor.

I am very moral; have I ever lied to you? I'm a Lincoln Republican, dammit!
Loan me some money, and I'll pay you back! That would be a good test, eh?
(Notice here that jimmyb extends the olive branch, while helping smooth things over by saying "eh", Canukistyle! THAT'S diplomacy, kids!).
Yeah, that's it... Loan me a whole bunch of money!!! Tons!!! Oops! I mean tonnes!!!

Three - This is the thanks I get after helping him get over 600 comments on one post, while he's out playing G.I. Jaugh!!!
(You're welcome, by the way).


I may have to use extreme measures, and release the jimmyb Stealth Canukismiter Hound for a trip up north!
Yeah, he's a trained Lefty chomper, and he is not afraid of moose, liberals, ungodly high taxes, or socialized medicine, as long as they're in other countries.

If this fails (he does get distracted at times), I may have to break out the big American guns, and send Doctor Phat Tony and B-Cack to do some good old fashioned Amurkin learnin' (i.e. ass-whoopin')!
(Sorry, I've got classes to teach, or I would go myself! Heh.)

PS - The jbSCH is hungry!

Hat-tip to the Rabbit Priest for the boat picture.

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