Friday, October 14, 2005

Protector, Hero, Corporate Guru.

Because Bush hates poor people, hero of the little guy, multi-millionare trial lawyer John Edwards has decided to help out the downtrodden by joining New York-based private investment company Fortress Investment Group.

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The excerpt below shows that not all business is bad!
Some are Dems! :)

John Edwards Hits the Street

DEM LEANINGS. Fortress apparently has had its eye on Democratic politics and Edwards for some time. During the 2004 Presidential campaign cycle, the employees political action committee of the company contributed $143,650 to Democratic candidates for Congress and the White House, including $4,000 to Edwards. They gave just $10,500 to Republicans running for federal office.
He's going to be a "global dealmaker".

Man, how will he every have time to do that stuff, what with raising the dead, curing cripples, and playing Samson to corporate Goliaths?

Will he sue himself and his own company?
Maybe he'll end up with as much money as Kerry ('s wife), and then he can REALLY represent the little guys, even moreso than he does now.

How come Democrat multi-millionares and billionares are just down-home folk for the little guys, and others are just greedy? Are there limos eco-friendlier, or what?

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