Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Real Conversation at Work...

So I used to locker down from this kid that was about 24 or 25.
(Yes, I am old enough and have paid my dues, if you're under 29, I'm allowed to think you're a kid!)

This guy was getting married over the weekend and was discussing the changes in his life.
The paraphrase of that conversation...

Kid: Yep. Gettin' married this weekend.

CUG: Cool. Been married a while myself... Best thing I ever did.

Kid: Yeah. It's going to be great.
I'll get home every night and the house will be cleaned, I'll have a hot meal for supper, and I'll be able to make love whenever I feel like it.

CUG: You've never been married before, have you?

Kid: No, I haven't. How'd you know?

CUG: *undignified snort*
I wonder if he's still in wedded bliss.




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