Wednesday, October 05, 2005

These Should Be Commie Red, Not Orange!

Warning: Orange, pain, death, fire, pretty!

These here are some potent habanera peppers.
Don't let these little happy munchkins fool you.
Oh sure, they are alluring, tempting, and seemingly innocuous.
A pretty package with a facade of the magical delights contained therein.

Kind of like communism.
However, just like communism and socialism, the pretty, pretty package contains only pain and death and destruction.
Oh yeah, and some more pain.
Note the one in the bottom left-hand corner... pain.

Now here's my point.
I know these are evil and painful, but I still eat them. They do have a good flavor.
Then I whine and caterwaul and cry and sweat and drink beer to put out the fire!

Now here's the stupid part...

What am I, an idiot? (Eds note: That was a rhetorical question!)

So, I am to peppers, as liberals are to communism.
Socialism and communism are always painful, but there is that slight pleasure. A good taste in one's mouth.
I am being FAIR. I am helping the less fortunate. I am superior to the right, and superior to those I help as well...

Plus there is that gut feeling that somehow this time things will be different. Not based on precedent, facts or some historical model or reference; just because one KNOWS the outcome will be different this time (talk about faith!).
Maybe the peppers won't be quite so hot this time. Maybe we just need the right people in charge this time.

Allow me to summate.

Habanera Peppers = HOT!
Communism = BAD!

These hold true no matter how many times you try to get a different result.
Axioms are a bitch like that.

Deal with it.


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