Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for my family, my friends, God, and country.
Thank you to our military people, especially.
Even moreso for those that can't be home, or worse yet, will never come home.
Thank you.
We are so blessed as a country; it boggles the mind sometimes.
I could make a list as long as a country road.

And if you are reading this, Thank You, too!!!
Those who read and comment here have become dear to me, and I consider you my friends.
Thank you for putting up with me, and thank you for coming back.
You are, by far, the main reason I continue this strange endeavor.

God bless us, and God bless the U.S. of A!
(And yes, God bless those other countries, too!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


PS - I tried to get to all the sidebar folk to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.
I used a haphazard, non-linear, random approach. Sorry if I missed you.
If you are on my sidebar, you must somehow rock, else you would not be there.
(If you want to be on there, let me know!!!)

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