Thursday, November 10, 2005

Not Again!

Oh, no!
I've been accepted as an occasional guest-writer on another site (again).

This time, it's a LIBERAL chick's site!

Sorry, just kidding. I'm not a misogynist. Well, not much.
I'm not kidding about the liberal part, however!
The good news is that Moonbatty is a friendly lib (as opposed to a hate-filled lefty type) with a pretty cool site.

What started it is here:


(An excerpt):
I’ve opened my blog up to allow guest-posts by certain people. If you wish to be included on that list of certain people, just let me know. Please understand that certain posts (such as those that claim Karl Rove is God, Bush is a good person, or other blatant falsehoods) will incur my rage.
Also. uh. Try to have a topic in mind when you post...
My response:

If you let me post, I’ll only post the truth!


Email me with a rejection notice at your leisure.

1. Karl Rove is not God.
Rush Limbaugh is.
Oh, wait! Sorry Jesus, it was just a joke!

2. Bush is way too liberal to be a good person.
He’s just, “Ok”.

3. Heh.

4. I always have a topic!

Moonbatty replies:

Your version of the truth makes me queasy.. But.. Hrm.. Ok!
::promotes you for the hell of it::

(She so cracks me up!)

And finally, my acceptance speech *sniff* (I'd like to thank the Academy...):

Hooray! Guest Post by jimmyb

Moonbattie has honored me (really!) by allowing me to do an occasional (and short!) guest post.

This shows not only that MB has unparalleled taste and class, but she is also not afraid of differing opinions. Fur-sur!

Anybody who has read our respective material realizes that once we are past the basic pragmatism, our opinions differ mightily at times (most times?).

Just let me say that MB is one of the coolest libbies I have met in the dodecahedron for some time. Intelligent, respectful, thoughtful, misguided…oops. I mean…uhhhh…..well…
I guess that’ll be another post.

Of course I, as a guest blogger, am willing and ready to incur MB’s wrath, which will be swift, succinct and mighty, I am sure.

To quote a guy that is NOT A GOOD PERSON - Bring it on! (That was Bush, not when Kerry stole it!)

In all seriousness, I’d like to thank MB for the honor, and her readers for not killing me!

Regards, and see you in the near future,

CUG (jimmyb)

PS - Click on CUG to see who I am if you don’t know.
A thousand apologies for the shameless blog-whoring.
(Am I allowed to say that on this site?)

So what's the synopsis?

Well, of course, it is get over to Moonbatty's and check her out and say howdy.
With your help, she'll be a registered Libertarian (if not a Republican) in short order!!!
Help save the planet, yo! Convert a moonbat today!!! ;)


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