Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Q and A Time...

I've had a few emails and comment regarding my lack of posting during this week, the GM restructuring announcement, and if there is any relation.

1. Not feeling well lately.
Boo-hoo. I'm OK, just back pain and a general crappy feeling.
Summation: I will live.

2. My plant was NOT one of the immediately affected plants regarding closings and layoffs.

YAY! (For now.)

However, 30,000 peoples' jobs are gone by 2008 (some of them this JANUARY!!!). Those kinds of numbers can, of course, have real implications at other plants, including mine.
The one sure thing about working in the auto industry is that there is no sure thing.
You know that going into the deal.
I love the work I do, and it pays reasonably well, so that risk, along with the inherent dangers of my particular job, I accept.

Please pray for the families of these aforementioned people. This is going to be an ongoing thing for GM, and probably Ford as well. The jury is still out on Chrysler; they jettisoned a ton of jobs years ago. Unfortunately, GM has roughly 2 retirees for every active worker; I don't know if those numbers are sustainable (Social Security, anyone?).

This is a problem our Asian competition won't face for 25 or 30 years, but they will face it, and they know that. I wonder what their plan is.

Probably Ninja assassins, dressed like geishas:

"Yee-haw! One day until I retire from working for these oppresive little bastards!"

Hey, sweetheart." (nods to little oriental chick).


"Jim-Bob!! You ok?"
Oh my God! Is that a throwing-star in his neck?!?!?!
You're no geisha!!!

"I will work for you forever my crafty, intelligent, yellow overlords!!!"

Anyhoo, thanks for your concern folks!
The good Lord always has taken care of my family and I, and will continue to do so.
Even if it isn't the way I wanted it!

PS - No offense intended to my future overlords!

Just kidding, guys. It's HUMOR.
Plus, I'm really good at fixing machines! M'kay?
Buddy? Pal?
Heh, indeed.

Happy Thanksgiving, yo!

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