Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Tragedy.

Lost in Lima Ohio asked some bloggers to post about this tragic story.
Lost in Lima is a great place to keep apprised of the fight for children against predators of those children. She does an immense amount of work to keep this site current, and should be very proud of the work she does.
Go check her site out...

From Lost in Lima Ohio:

The Beating Death Of a Child

Michael Porter was arrested Thursday for the death of his two year old stepdaughter. He is accused of striking the little girl in the abdomen earlier in the week causing blunt force trauma and inflicting deadly wounds.
The little girl was described as having significant bleeding in her intestines and bruising on her ribs, the front of her chest, side and back. Records indicate that she had bruises in other areas of her body and medical examiners believe she suffered from possible kneeing, punching or squeezing.
Kelsey Smith Briggs dies hours before her father was due to return from serving in Iraq.
Port has recently filed divorce papers on Rae dawn Porter, the little girls mother.
The bond has been set for $1 million, after he plead not guilty in court Friday morning to charges that he killed the toddler, Kelsey Briggs. The judge in the case has issued a gag order for everyone in the case.

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Video, grandparents speak out, grandmother report the abuse without any results. Custody was had for a limited time been granted to the grandparents, who show evidence of the little girls abuse dating back months.

Video, History of abuse, child dies hours before her father returns home from Iraq. Death ruled homicide. Judge overruled DHS recommendations.

Video, mothers side of the family, reaction to stepfather, seemed like such a nice person. Home movies of the toddler, including one with her having two broken legs. Family wants to believe that Porter never meant to hurt her. Family puts blame on seizures- while admitting that they have never seen her have one.

For more posts on Kelsey as I follow the case:

UPDATE: Here's an update of info from Lost: Kesley Briggs.

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