Thursday, November 17, 2005

YEE-HAW!!! National Ammo Day is Saturday the 19th!
Let's clean out the stores folks!!
(Don't forget Buy A Gun Day is April 15th, too!)

From Kim and Mrs. du Toit's National Ammo Day/Week Site:

Another Year, Another Ammo Day/Week

In the very first year of National Ammo Day, we tried to track exactly how many rounds of ammo came into the public's possession on that day.

For various reasons, the closest estimate we could come up with was about ten million rounds.

In one day.

Now, much later, we expect that many millions more will be bought by you, our gun-owning friends, on or around November 19th, 2005.

There are several gun shows taking place around that time, and of course gun stores will be open on Saturday, November 19th -- so get out there and show the gun-fearing wussies that their attempts to disarm us will fail, forever.

Last year, there were three separate attempts to tax ammo sales (in California's case, the amount was pennies per cartridge), and while all such legislature has so far failed, let's not be overly-optimistic.

Remember, the more ammunition rests in civilian hands, the more impossible the task of civilian disarmament becomes.

Tell all your friends.

One hundred rounds, or more, on or around November 19th.

Buy a ton, and have some fun!! :)
(And be safe, too!)

Happy shooting.


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