Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Freedom Isn't Free.

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From A Human Right. A great pro-2nd Amendment site.

Freedom isn't just what the government says you can do.

I notice the NAACP and most leftists are anti-gun.
They also profess they want to help minorities.
I would think disarming black, Jews, and other minorites would be the last thing they would want...
They say the police will protect them, and the next day say the police are racist bigots.

Typical liberalism, to say you can have it both ways to further an agenda, while endangering those you claim to serve.
I'll bet the most vocal opponents of gun-rights go out with many guns protecting them (Clintons, Bradys, Feinsteins, etc.). Which is perfectly ok, for THEM.
That's one of the advantages of being in the elite groups of activists and politicians.

Us commoners however...

Moral: Don't be a slave; it's not just a color issue, it's a hardware issue.

Now go promote freedom: buy a gun. Heck, buy 2!
It's your duty as a free citizen!

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