Friday, December 16, 2005

Hooray, Ammo!

(Click on pic for a view of pretty-pretty ammo boxes!)
Yee-haw! The ammo-elves paid jimmyb a visit today!
(Additionally, they kicked the under-pants gnomes asses! Steal my tighty-whiteys will ya!)

Ahhhhhhhh. Little brass encased copper-jacketed nuggets of happiness, goodness, safety and freedom, waiting to be launched at paper targets, potential food, evil-doers and gun-grabbing dirty-commies (who are also evil-doers by definition).
Merrily speeding their way along shallow arcs to a final point of impact.


The little guys run out so fast...

Sadly, having too much ammo is like having too much health or good luck.
You just can never have enough...

On a related not, here's how to tell if you may live in a VRWC (vast right-wing conspiracy) household:

If you hear a conversation like this...

CUG: Honey, I'm almost out of 9mm ammo.

The Missus: How much do you have left, sweetie?

CUG: Well, less than 200 rounds, I know that!

The Missus: You'd better get some then.

CUG: Yay!

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