Monday, December 12, 2005

Memed by the Doc!

Well, I've been memed by the Doc (that's Dr. Phat Tony, FYI) and asked to list 5 weird habits.
As much as I detest memes, I will do them on occasion. (Especially if it's Doc!)
So here goes:

5. When someone says something questionable or incorrect (or just plain stupid) I like to say, "Reeeeally?".

4. I have a little cheap digital recorder to record stuff to blog about. This is because I have a lousy memory for things like that. People think its for recording stuff for work, or organization, or for a calendar or reminder, but it's just for blogging.

3. I hate to wear boxer shorts. I must wear the tighty-whiteys. NO going commando.
This will never change.
To quote Kramer: "I need the secure packaging of Jockeys. My boys need a house!"

2. I love my country, I think the US Constitution should be the law of the land (maybe all lands!), I think our culture is superior to most (all?) others, I believe vehemently that the 2nd Amendment protects all the others, and hippies and commies piss me off.
I profess this to people.


Oh, wait. That's only weird if your a liberal.

Never mind.

2. I think a fun Saturday night is when I go to the pistol range and I'm the only one there (multiple lanes to use, YAY!). Well, I'd like my wife there, if she wasn't on 3rd shift.

1. I can quote many (most?) lines from the movie "Spaceballs", and I do.
("There's only one man who would DARE give me the raspberry.... LONESTAR!")

So thanks, Doc! I owe you one.
Really. ;)

Is there a master list of who already got tagged with this meme?
Or should it just die here?

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