Thursday, December 15, 2005

Purple Finger Day. Yay!

From Righting America:

Thursday is Purple Finger Day

Fellow Patriots: Just a reminder to those interested in doing a a very quick and simple little thing tomorrow - a personal yet powerful statement for this historic election in Iraq. Show your support for the Iraqis, as well as our own troops who have sacrificed so much to make this happen. Celebrate Purple Finger Day! (I will be taking a purple "Sharpie" to work with me tomorrow - my colleagues should beware!).
Freedom rocks! Congrats to the Iraqis!!!

Thanks to Righting America for the great idea.
And yes, jimmyb's finger is purple today at work, and will be tonight when I give the final exam for my class.

Amazing the voter turnout they have there, given the potential dangers.

I'm so happy for these folks. I've been praying for this.
I hope the good news continues!

And to the MSM: I'm terribly sorry you didn't get the bloodbath you wished for.

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