Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Help A Sister Out!

Michelle Malkin is (once again) the target of attacks by a leftarded, racist, hate-filled lefties.
(Are there any other kind?)
The double standards employed by the left are once again awe-inspiring, and sickening.

As usual.

Here is the post about the whole story - (she published information from a public press release!!! That hussy!!):


Disgusting; but not surprising. This isn't the first of this kind of stuff.
FrankJ, of IMAO, provided the above graphic and the side-bar graphic as well, in the post:

Support Your Local Malkin!

FrankJ, of course, rules. (He is my blogfather, ya know.)
Head on over and grab a graphic, post it in your side-bar, and help a sista out!!

One last point from yours truly, jimmyb:

***As a conservative, let me assure you I can overlook shortcomings like being female, or gay, or a Democrat, or a minority. ***
I'm compassionate like that.
Unless we're talking about rabid, hate-filled moonbats!

Then I have a zero-tolerance policy.
Terminate with extreme prejudice.
Or at least give them a stern talking to!

***Disclaimer: If you really believe I think those are shortcomings, you're dumber than I thought.
Well, except for maybe the Democrat part...

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