Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ruger Mark II 22 Pistol.

(Click on pic for a better view!!!)
Above, is the pistol (it's actually my wife's, but I adopted it) that I have (usually) been shooting my rimfire competitions with.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.

These competitions include the (mostly) NRA rule 50 ft pistol competition (slow, timed and rapid fire targets for 300 points), as well as the Mr. Completely's super-funtastic ePostal contests, which got me shooting competitions in the first place.

(BLAST YOU MR. C!!!! *shakes fist in air*)
My name's jimmyb, and I'm a gunaholic...

Well, the above pistol was purchased new from a friend/gun dealer who has since left us, sadly.
I bought it for my wife, but have since adopted and adapted it, since her shooting interests have waned (temporarily, I hope) until she gets her eyeballs tended to.

This weapon is a factory-blue, bull-barreled 22LR with a standard 10 shot magazine.
It came (from my dealer) with a B-Square rail, and a Tasco red dot scope.

The rail mounts with a screw where the front sight is, and a dove-tail piece where the rear sight goes. This is a little cheesy, but functional.
When my gunsmith (H) finishes with my stainless MK II, then I'll get this one properly drilled and tapped for a standard Weaver mount. I expect this modification to be done in the next few weeks.

Like all Rugers that I've owned, this gun operated flawlessly, but needed a trigger job.
H to the rescue once again. He dropped in a trigger kit, plus did a little finessing and caressing, and has it down into the area of 2.5 or 2.6 pounds. It breaks clean, with no noticeable (or very little) creep.
When I get it back to H for the drill and tap job for the rail, he'll finish it down to close to 2 pounds.

This has made a huge difference in my scoring ability, and it should be a little better yet.

I have also added a Volquartsen grip that has finger-grooves and a thumb-rest.
I was a little leary ordering a grip (from Midway) that I couldn't hold first, but it was on sale for 20 bucks, so I figured what the hey! I can always sell it.
Turns out, it fits my hand in a totally sweet way.

I don't have big old meathooks or girly hands.
More like the hands of a surgeon. ;)
But this grip fit great. I would recommend these to anyone who has "average" sized hands or a little bigger.
Better yet, find someone who has a set first and see how they feel.

It's unreal how much a set of grips can change the feel of your weapon, and help your scores, too.

Another mod I have added to this was that I got rid of the Tasco red dot (which did a fine job, BTW) and put on an ATN Ultra sight. Granted, I paid too much for it, because I had to get it through Amazon because I had a gift certificate, but it works great on the 22.

This particular scope has 11 brightness settings, and 4 different reticules.
I just use the red dot one, but the others may have use at a later time...

Side note: I had my original ATN sight on my .45 and the main screw that holds it on the scope on to the rail mounts stripped out.

A fluke?
I don't know.
ATN replaced it with no questions, but now I am hesitant about putting one on higher powered firearms. Anyone have input on this subject?

Even before the admittedly mundane upgrades, this gun, like most MK II's, is a shooter.
At 50 feet, off of a bag, I can hold roughly half-dime sized groups all day long.

But is it dependable?
You bet your bippy!

CUG's official recommendation:
If you don't have one, go get one!!!!