Thursday, April 20, 2006

That's More Like It!

(Click image for a larger view.)

Oh, yeah. That is a 94 3X target shot under timed conditions.
Allow me to say, Yee-Haw!
This was a semi-competition (score them, but don't keep the scores; just for fun.)
Still, it was in a timed competition with other shooters on the line.
The closest approximation I can get to a real competition until the next season starts.

The targe was shot with a MK II Ruger with an ATN red dot sight.

Total score - 273 5X.
That's pretty much up there with the big kids (at least where I shoot!).

If it can be done once, it can be done again.

But, the big question is:
Can it be done consistently?

We shall see...
(Also shot a 225 in the center-fire. Conclusion: eh. Not bad for me.)

Of course, my regular readers know what this means:

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