Sunday, May 14, 2006

He Really Does Work In Mysterious Ways.

Dear God,

Thank You so much for answering one of my prayers.

Sen. Ted Kennedy's Plane Struck By Lightning
....The eight-seat Cessna Citation 550 plane lost all electrical power, including communications, and the pilot had to fly the plane manually, according to spokeswoman Melissa Wagoner.
No one was hurt.

I hate to seem ungrateful or anything, but uhhhhhh....
You didn't seem to finish the job.
You do know Ted Kennedy was on the plane, right?

Maybe my whole prayer didn't get through.

Just checking.
Either way, You're still number one in my book!!!

Respectfully (and curious),


Disclaimer: I would never actually pray for someone's death, even if it would be a great help to the country, and the world.
Stoopid morals...