Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mr. Completely's ePostal Contest

Well, the results are in for Mr. Completely's latest ePostal Shooting Contest.
(Click target for a better view!)

This one was called, Speed Kills.

This was my first foray into speed shooting, where you actually need to know your time, and not just shoot under a given time, like I do in the NRA Bullseye shoot I participate in.

Surprisingly, I didn't come out too bad!
First place in the rimfire (I didn't shoot centerfire this time, as my nylon backstop REALLY doesn't like 45 rounds).
And yes, I burned up a bunch of ammo practicing first!

Because I only had a $3 dollar digital kitchen timer, I could only know if I shot under the time limit of 5 shots in 5 seconds, on five separate targets (albeit closely spaced), instead of the actual time it took to shoot each string of 5 shots.
Incidentally, this is twice the fire rate that is required for the rapid-fire part of the bullseye competition I shoot, which is shot all on the same target.

New and interesting, I must admit.
And fun!!

So now, I have another skill to learn.
Downside: Another expensive and time-consuming addition to my base hobby.

Kitchen timer: $3.
Pact shot timer with chronograph circuitry: $183!!!

I guess that'll have to be the early Father's Day present my wife doesn't know she bought for me yet!!

Anyhoo, as mentioned, the contest consisted of 3 strings of 5 shots, in 5 seconds, on 5 targets.
Here are the results, blatantly stolen from Mr. C's site:

Name Score Time Bonus Total Caliber Gun Class

1. JimmyB 124 15 25 149 .22 Ruger MK. II Rimfire
2. Mr. Completely 114 14.49 26 140 .22 High Standard 106 Rimfire
3. KeeWee 101 20.28 20 121 .22 High Standard Sport King Rimfire

Class 2 - Centerfire

Name Score Time Bonus Total Caliber Gun Class

1. Elof 71 21 19 90 9mm. Beretta Cougar Centerfire
2. Ben 66 18 22 88 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
3. Amir 80 43 0 80 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
4. Ben 55 20 20 75 9mm. Beretta Cougar Centerfire
5. Tony 56 32 8 64 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
6. Tony 36 24 16 52 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire

Class 3 - Revolver (No Entries)

Class 4 - Time Only

Name Time Caliber Gun Class

1. (tie) Mr. Completely 14.49 .22 High Standard ML-106 Rimfire
1. (tie) JimmyB 15 .22 Ruger MK. II Rimfire
3. Ben 18 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
4. Ben 20 9mm. Beretta Cougar Centerfire
5. KeeWee 20.28 .22 High Standard Sport King Rimfire
6. Elof 21 9mm. Beretta Cougar Centerfire
7. Tony 24 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
8. Tony 32 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
9. Amir 43 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire

Realistically speaking, since JimmyB was using a kitchen timer set to 5 seconds on each shot string, it is very likely that he actually had the fastest time too, but there is no way to know for sure. In all fairness, I'd call it a tie.

If y'all come to the Midwest Blogfest, we can shoot together!!!
Thanks for the great contest as always, Mr. Completely!!!

Ok, I must go load more ammo now.