Friday, May 26, 2006

Union Brother Burn

The following is a true story.
The names have been changed to protect me.

We have a blood drive at work several times a year.
With literally thousands of employees at one site, you can't beat the locale.

The particular area where I work is right down the hall from the very large conference room where they always hold the drive.

On one side of the hallway is a row of chairs for the donors to fill out the application to give blood. On the other side is a table with said applications, and a nice older lady to give info and take the done apps.

As I’m walking down the hallway, I notice the lone person filling out an application at the moment is my friend, whom I shall call D.

Now D is a great guy. Smart, funny; just an all around good guy.
He also has no qualms about burning someone in front of other people.
He is funny, though.

Today, however, was my turn.

So the scene is me (CUG) standing, D sitting filling out the application, and the Nice Older Lady (NOL), sitting at the table on the other side of the hallway.

Here’s how it went:

CUG: D! What are you doing? You know you’re not allowed to give blood if you’ve been with a prostitute in the last year, right? It’s right on the application, you know.

D: What??!?!

At this point, D is pretty much speechless. But the best part is next.

The Nice Older Lady gets this look on her face, which I can best describe as a cross between disgust, and that reflexive look one gets when they smell something particularly odiferous.

She looks right at D with that expression, while at the same time slightly nodding in affirmation, and says,
“He’s right, you know.”


Being the nice guy that I am, I did eventually let the lady know I was yanking my friend’s (and ultimately NOL’s) chain.

After I was done laughing, of course.